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Informed Sport

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Informed-Sport is the most rigorous testing mark available to the sports nutrition industry and ensures supplements on the programme are independently tested for substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and are safer for athletes to use.


There are two stages to the Informed-Sport certification process:

1.  Product and manufacturing quality review: this evaluates the integrity of the manufacturing stages from supply of raw materials, through to manufacturing, into packaging and storage.
2. Pre-registration testing: a minimum of five samples per product to be registered are tested. This comprises of three samples from a single batch (to assess intra-bath variation) and one sample from two further batches (to assess inter-batch variation).

Once the above is complete, every manufactured batch of the registered product is independently tested at LGC’s renowned anti-doping laboratory. In addition, ‘blind’ testing is performed to independently ensure the integrity of the product. ‘Blind’ samples are purchased by the Informed-Sport administrator.
Nutrition X is also proud to use an Informed-Sport registered facility, thereby adding an additional layer of reassurance. For more details on the product journey and the Nutrition X committment to stringent quality control, please visit the Quality Assurance page. 

Safeguarding the athlete

At Nutrition X we work closely with elite athletes, clubs and professional nutritionists and strength and conditioners in the field of sport. It is these relationships with our customers that allow us to understand how important it is to provide the highest level of reassurance available. If at any stage you require a copy of your batch certificate relating to your purchase at Nutrition X, please don’t hesitate to get in contact using the form below...