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Lose Body Fat

For most athletes, or those engaged in training there is often an ideal body fat % that is desirable. For the serious athlete, males should aim at just below 10% body fat, and women should aim close to 15% body fat. Below are diet plan templates, advised nutritional supplements and information to help you achieve your desired body fat %.
'Dieters' Diet Plan Example Day

The Dieters Diet plan inlcudes your essential guidance and tips including your macro-nutrients, key Nutrition X supplements, advice & sample meal plan.

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Dieters' Diet Plan for more information.

The Ultimate 'Dieters' Bundle

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Big Whey
The Ultimate Dieters Bundle
The Ultimate 'Dieters' Bundle




Caffeine has been demonstrated to promote mental alertness and also to stimulate fat availability.  Provide your muscles with the amino acids necessary to recover, rebuild muscle tissues, and improve muscle tone. The ultimate 'Dieters' Bundle has been created for those wishing to drop body fat, but still maintain lean muscle mass.