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Nutrition X are looking for more dedicated teams and sports clubs who want to step up their game, and take part in the “NX Clubs” programme. As part of the partnership programme you will gain access to great discounts for your players, perks for your club, as well as the knowledge from the Nutrition X Team.

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Every Club Member will receive:

  • A 20% online discount code to use at

The Club will receive:

  • Spend £100 and receive 1 box of Xplode Shots
  • Spend £250 and receive 2 tubs of Hydra 10 as well as 10 NX Shakers
  • Spend £500 and receive 1 tub of MRM and 1 box of Energel+
  • Spend £750 and recieve another tub of of MRM and another box of Energel+
  • Spend £1000 and receive 15 Nutrition X Warm-Up T-shirts, 1 tub of MRM and 1 box of Xplode Shots

The Informed-Sport programme provides assurance that Nutrition X products have been tested for substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances. Teams and Athletes joining NX Clubs can be assured that Nutrition X are very committed to a stringent testing process. For information on the Nutrition X quality standards please visit the Quality Assurance and the Informed-Sport pages. 

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If you would like to sign your Club up to the 'NX Clubs' programme, please just fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

NX Clubs FAQ Banner

Can I use the Club code in conjunction with any other discount code? 

No, you may only use one discount code at a time.

Can I use the Club code on Sale products or bundles?

No, you may not use the discount code in conjunction with any sale products or bundles.

Does the size of the club matter? 

No, the size of the club does not matter, neither does the sport played.

Can the code be used by family and friends?

Yes, the code may be used with anyone in association with the club or it’s members. The more people that purchase using the club's code, the more your club will earn.

If I already have a discount code for Nutrition X to the one issued to my Club for the NXClubs scheme, can I still use the other code?

If you use the other code then your sale will not be included in the overall club’s amount.

Is there a time limit, on the rewards? 

Yes, the code will only remain open for 12 months.

How will we know how much has been spent through our code?

Send an email to at anytime during the programme and we will respond with a breakdown (report) of the sales through the code.

What happens if we reach the £1000 target but we still want to continue using Nutrition X?

The code will extend for a further 12 months after the £1000 is reached, but the rewards scheme will stop. Nutrition X would be happy to negotiate a new relationship with the club at this time.

Does the cost of VAT & delivery go towards the £1000 target?

No, the club’s total sales will be made up of the Net Sales Price (after discount, delivery and VAT).