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NX Loyalty Points

NX Loyalty Points are automatically added to your online account every time you shop with Nutrition X.* These points can be used online at any time and allow you to get even more money off Nutrition X products.
Please Note: You MUST create an account before placing an order with us to receive loyalty points. If you use the Express Paypal Checkout you will bypass the opportunity to collect points.

How do I get NX Loyalty Points?

For every £1 you spend with Nutrition X, you earn 1 NX Loyalty Point. Each point is worth a 3p, so if you spend £100 on your order, you would earn 100 points which converts to £3 off a future purchase. The points really do add up.

Do NX Loyalty Points Expire?

NX Loyalty Points are valid for 12 months, however every order will extend the validality of the points for this amount. So for example if a customer has 100 points which expire next month but they place an order today it will extend the validity of their first 100 points plus their new points for another 12 months.

When are NX Loyalty Points to be awarded to the customer?

At checkout, you will be told that you will get X amount of points, however your points wont be awarded till your order has been marked as 'Dispatched'. Once your order has been dispatched you will be awarded your NX Loyalty Points.

How many points should a customer have before they can redeem them? 

Once you have earned your first NX Loyalty Point you will be able to redeem it with your next order.

Will NX Loyalty Points be awarded against the delivery cost?

No, points will not be awarded against the order total including the delivery cost.

*We have the right to remove any points at any time.