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Recover From Training & Matches

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It's in the recovery period in which our muscles adapt from the stress of a training session, and it is therefore important that we provide our muscles with sufficient nutrients to facilitate this adaptive process.

'Recovery' Dietary Guidelines

The Recovery Diet plan inlcudes your essential guidance and tips for optimising your recovery process!

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Recovery' Diet Plan for more information.

The Ultimate 'Recovery' Bundle

Hydra 10
Hydra 10
Maximum Recovery Matrix
The Ultimate Recovery Bundle
The Ultimate 'Recovery' Bundle



A scientifically researched blend of vitamins and minerals in a pleasant drink to promote optimal rehydration. The combination of quality carbohydrate, protein, key amino acids, glutamine and leucine, help to promote and enhance muscle protein synthesis. Includes essential supplements for recovering between sessions to ensure that performance at the next session is to be maximised. ​