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Banana and Ginger Greens Smoothie
Quick and easy smoothie recipe to help you beat the morning rush that also provides you with a healthy hit of protein and carbohydrates.
Protein Panna Cotta Recipe
The Hypnos has long been used by sports athletes to achieve that extra 1% advantage over their competitors with a little extra night-time muscle recovery.
Why Supplement with Beta-Alanine?
Discover the researched and proven benefits of Beta-Alanine, and why you should include this powerful single ingredient in your nutrition strategy
Salmon Nicoise Salad
Try this delicious Salmon Nicoise for a healthy hit of carbohydrates and enjoy the anti-inflammatory and muscle recovery benefits too.
Goats Cheese, Beetroot & Walnut Salad
A fantastic vegetarian salad option, providing our vegetarian athletes with an interesting lunch/dinner option that packs 17.4g of protein per serving!
Late Night Berry and Yoghurt Smoothie Recipe…
For those athletes undertaking intense training sessions, or perhaps training and playing games back-back, this night time Berry Yoghurt Smoothie Recipe will give you that extra boost of recovery to get the most out of your recovery.
Your Guide To Creating Lean Muscle Mass
You’ve done your weekly shop and now your fridge and cupboards are fully stocked ready to start building some serious muscle. Now you need to plan your meals for the week and to do this it’s important to know about the 3 T’s for protein to get the most out of your nutrition preparation. Total – how much protein? Type – what protein source? Time – when should you eat it?
ChocBerry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe…
Yes we are recommending chocolate first thing… But with only 305 Calories and 33g of Protein, who wouldn’t recommend chocolate for breakfast?
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