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Castleford Tigers & Their 2016 Season Goals
Find out what Super League club Castleford Tigers’ expectations & goals for the 2016 season are, how they prepare for games, and what role nutrition plays in their individual goals as we catch up with Head of S&C Ben Cooper & Players, Ben Crooks & Lee Jewitt.
Cheltenham Town & Nutrition X Partnership
Cheltenham Town are pleased to announce a new partnership with Gloucestershire based sports nutrition company, Nutrition X.
Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin
With the winter months now here and the exposure to sunlight becoming few and far between, the majority of people will become vitamin D deficient.
The new you: Have you set the tone to carry on?
Chocolate Gateaux Smoothie
This delicious Chocolate Gateaux Smoothie to help curb those sweet tooth cravings, easy to make and perfect for post training recovery with a good hit of protein and carbohydrates.
Green Boost Smoothie
This smoothie recipe incorporates healthy spinach with banana and nut butter, giving it that green colour, but delicious taste and texture too!
“develop the multifaceted needs of the rugby player / athlete.” By increasing energy support through training the glycolytic (intermediate) energy pathway, performance in the initial and overall (mean) sprint performance is increased. Clearly this is essential given earlier reference to work efforts exceeding recovery.
Banana Oat & Honey Energy Balls Recipe
Banana, Oat and honey balls, the perfect energy boosting food for those long run's and bike rides to keep you performing at the highest level.
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