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Key Benefits

  • Energy, hydration and recovery to support your HIIT training
  • Maximise muscle and power gains with our Ultimate All-in-One formula
  • Keep energy and hydration levels at their peak throughout training with Energel+ and Hydra+

Product Information

Ultimate (2kg)

Designed for athletes who want to achieve maximum results from training and nutrition without having to take dozens of different tablets and shakes, Ultimate contains a unique formulation of carbohydrate, protein, amino acids and “good” fats designed to provide energy, stimulate muscle growth and offer muscle recovery in one tasty shake.

Energel+ (24 x 50g)

Energel+ has been scientifically formulated to offer a quick solution to keeping your energy levels at their optimum before and during exercise. Coming in a range of tasty flavours, these handy gels pack 25g of carbohydrate-based energy per serving  in the form of maltodextrins and have been formulated to contain key electrolytes commonly lost through sweat.

Hydra+ (20 x 4g)

Formulated to offer fast-acting, hassle-free hydration, Hydra+ effervescent hydration tablets are designed to dissolve quickly in water to give you a hydration-boosting drink at a moment’s notice. Based on the same effective formula as our best-selling Hydra 10 powder, Hydra+ contains the key electrolytes that your body needs to maintain optimum hydration levels and reduces the chance of performance-limiting muscle cramps.

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