André's Bio

As an athlete and coach, André specialises in areas regarding health and fitness. He has a big passion for inspiring people to chase their potential by optimizing nutrition, recovery, mindset and training.

From 2015 to 2020, André has risen a staggering 2,492 places, currently ranking 61st in the world and 2nd in his native Denmark.

“I choose Nutrition X products due to the scientific and high quality formulation of the products. Also because of the safety measures in place with the Informed Sport batch testing process. ”

The Nutrition X Ambassador Team

Here at Nutrition X, we work with an elite team of ambassadors, each at the top of their game across a range of professional sporting disciplines. Every one of our ambassadors uses our range of quality sports supplements as part of their nutrition strategy to help maximise their athletic performance, whether it be keeping their hydration levels topped up during training, getting an extra energy boost pre-game or for important recovery after a heavy session.

Our ambassadors also help us shape our product range. They know that our supplements have them covered whatever their need and that’s why they’re happy to help us shout about what makes us stand out from the crowd. There’s no better way of knowing how effective our scientifically-formulated products are than by asking the professionals, and we regularly use their feedback to tailor, adapt and improve our range to ensure you’re always getting the very best supplements you can buy.

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