Jack's Bio

Jack is a SENr accredited performance nutritionist who possesses a BSc in Human Nutrition from St Mary's University Twickenham and a MSc in Sports Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University. He specialises in combat sports, most notably boxing, where he works with professional and amateur boxers across the UK helping them make weight safely and maximising their health and performance levels.

Jack is the head performance nutritionist for England Dodgeball and runs his own sports nutrition consultancy. He helps translate information from the latest scientific research in the field, into easily comprehendible and honest nutritional recommendations to maximise athletic performance.

'My favourite products are the repair shots which are fantastic for any athletes recovering from injury or with joint pain such as fighters.'

The Nutrition X Expert Panel

Nutrition X is shaped in every way by the team of experts who guide us; from helping us to develop sports supplements that will truly make a difference to sporting performance, to creating delicious, nutrition-focussed recipes and delivering our educational programmes.

We’re lucky to have a multitude of world-leading experts in the sports nutrition field on our panel and work closely with them on a daily basis to help us create, inform and boost the health, nutrition and performance for each and every one of our customers.