Susan's Bio

A SENr and ISAK-accredited clinical and sports dietician, Susan specialises in delivering and implementing evidence-based sports and clinical nutrition strategies in order to maximise health and athletic performance. On top of her work with top-tier athletes and sports associations, Susan works as a UK Anti-Doping Advisor, passionate about the promotion of education when it comes to encouraging clean sport at all levels. 

The Nutrition X Expert Panel

Nutrition X is shaped in every way by the team of experts who guide us; from helping us to develop sports supplements that will truly make a difference to sporting performance, to creating delicious, nutrition-focussed recipes and delivering our educational programmes.

We’re lucky to have a multitude of world-leading experts in the sports nutrition field on our panel and work closely with them on a daily basis to help us create, inform and boost the health, nutrition and performance for each and every one of our customers.