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Key Benefits

  • The ideal Starter Bundle when starting a new sport or training regime
  • Ultimate support for energy, hydration and recovery
  • Get to know some of our best-selling sports supplements

Product Information

Big Whey (1.8kg)

Our best-selling high-protein shake formula, Big Whey works to provide your muscles with a unique blend of quality protein and key amino acids, scientifically formulated to help your muscles recover, rebuild and tone.

Energel+ (24 x 50g)

Energel+ has been scientifically formulated to offer a quick solution to keeping your energy levels at their optimum before and during exercise. Coming in a range of tasty flavours, these handy gels pack 25g of carbohydrate-based energy per serving  in the form of maltodextrins and have been formulated to contain key electrolytes commonly lost through sweat. One gel every 30 minutes has been proven to improve performance, especially in high-intensity sports such as rugby and football.

Xplode Shots (12 x 60ml)

A powerful pick-me-up to give you energy when you need it the most, Xplode energy shots pack 250mg of caffeine along with zero fat and zero sugar into one tasty drink; perfect for a pre-training energy boost or before a big game.

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