The Ultimate Weightlifting Bundle

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Key Benefits

  • Created to support weightlifters during competition and training
  • Includes our best-selling energy and recovery products
  • Xplode Shot to help give you the bursts of energy needed for lifting
  • Ultimate to support muscle recovery, repair and growth

Product Information

The demand that competitive weightlifting puts on the body can take its toll, with support with energy and recovery vital to ensure you can achieve your targets when it comes to heavy lifts. Our Ultimate Weightlifting Bundle has been created to help weightlifters stay at the top of their game, containing our fast-acting energy Xplode Shot, as well as our unique Ultimate recovery formula, to support the body in this dynamic and explosive sport.

The Ultimate Weightlifting Bundle includes:

Xplode Shots
A powerful pick-me-up to give weightlifters access to the energy they need, when they need it. Xplode energy shots pack 250mg of caffeine along with zero fat and zero sugar into one tasty drink; perfect for an energy boost during training or ahead of a competition. 

Our 'Ultimate' all-in-one formula, designed to maximise muscle power and strength by giving your body the energy and recovery power it needs to keep going harder, for longer. An ideal partner to any weights-based training, Ultimate combines carbohydrate, protein and key amino acids to deliver a one-stop-shop recovery formula that can help to increase lean muscle mass.