Sports Nutrition Support for Professionals

The Nutrition X Consultancy is a full-service sports nutrition consultancy run by our world-leading panel of sports and performance nutritionists. Offering a range of services to elite athletes, sports clubs, recreational athletes and those working within the sport industry, we aim to help athletes maximise their potential by giving them access to education, personalised nutrition plans and one-on-one sessions; all provided by our team of experts. Drawing on our 50+ years of experience within the sports nutrition industry, our specialist consultancy services are personally-tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. 

What we offer for clubs

We work closely with clubs across all sporting disciplines to help them improve their nutrition strategies from every angle, from running performance nutrition-based seminars for players, to creating individual player diet plans and interactive cooking workshops. Tailored according to a club’s needs, our services for clubs include:

  • Performance Nutrition Talks and Seminars
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Hydration Testing
  • Nutrition Strategies
  • Menu and Meal Plans
  • Supplement Plans
  • Periodised Nutrition Plans
  • One-to-One Advice Sessions


For athletes needing regular, specialist nutrition support, we also offer the following services on a consultancy and monthly basis, giving you direct access to our world-leading sports nutrition specialists whenever you need. Available in a range of different options, from one-off consultations to monthly support sessions, our services for athletes include:

  • Initial In-Depth Consultation
  • Comprehensive Diet and Nutritional Needs Analysis
  • Personalised Menu Planning
  • Weekly Progress Check-Ins
  • Unlimited Direct Support
  • Personalised Nutrition Manual
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Monthly 60 Minute Consultation

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