The Ultimate 'Injury Recovery' Bundle

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Correct nutrition and supplementation may help an athlete heal properly and get back to training and competition quicker. The Ultimate 'Injury Recovery' Bundle combines the ideal formulation of BCAA's and Collagen to support the recovery period

Amino Protein Shots (12 x 60ml) are a unique blend of whey protein isolate, hydrolysed collagen protein and formulated to provide the necessary amino acids to aid muscle and joint health. Tendons and joints have significant levels of collagen, and there is evidence that taking collagen helps to maintain healthy joints. For more information on Amino Protein Shots please click here

Big Whey (1.8kg) provide your muscles with the amino acids necessary to assist in recovery, rebuilding muscle tissues, and improving muscle tone. For more information on Big Whey please click here

BCAA Plus (500g) is an ideal accompaniment for recovery from injury as it does not contain much carbohydrate. During injury it is important to try and maintain muscle and other supporting tissues, BCAA Plus is a unique formulation of branched chain amino acids together with creatine, beta-alanine, HMB, and vitamin D3. Such a combination of ingredients has been devised as an aid to improve muscle recovery and indeed promote lean muscle tissue without putting on fat. For more information on BCAA Plus please click here

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