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High Protein & Carb Bar
  1. Quick & Simple Pancakes


    Quick & Simple Pancakes

    Did you know your pancakes can be a great source of fuel, without adding protein powder?! Performance Nutritionist James Hudson runs us through his quick...
  2. 4-Ingredient Rice Krispies Power Bar


    4-Ingredient Rice Krispies Power Bar

    This is a must-try, with just 4 ingredients this power bar hits the spot and is perfect for fuelling big sessions or as a pre-game...
  3. Wholemeal Protein Waffles


    Wholemeal Protein Waffles

    Nutrition X Performance Nutritionist, Dr. James Hudson, treats us to his go-to guilty (not-so-guilty) pleasure - Protein Waffles. Ingredients: 2 Large Bananas 1 Large Egg...
  4. Protein-Rich Winter Warmer


    Protein-Rich Winter Warmer

    Looking for something to get you warmed up after a long winter run or a field-based session? This should do the trick. Filled with micro-nutrients...
  5. High-Protein Vegan Vanilla & Lemon Bar


    High-Protein Vegan Vanilla & Lemon Bar

    If you're giving Veganuary a try this month (or even if you're not, you won't want to miss these), we've got a protein-fuelled treat for...

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